F1 League Race - Suzuka (25/5/14)

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F1 League Race - Suzuka (25/5/14)

Post by Vernon-ator_1991 on Sun May 25, 2014 1:35 am

Tomorrow's F1 league race is going to be short of drivers due to a number of absentees. We are asking for anyone who will be willing to reserve tomorrow at Suzuka.

F1 league run with ALL assists OFF, race distance is 100%.

The cars available are:

Red Bull x2
Ferrari x2
Lotus x2
Sauber x1
Force India x1
Mclaren x1???

If you are interested, post your PSN name below.

Anyone who puts their names forward will be allocated a car in the lobby before the race. Reason being is that F1 league run the cars in 2013 performance, so we will want to provide every reserve a car which will mean they can enjoy a race and not get left at the back due to lack of car performance.

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