GT6 Council Agenda 13/05/14

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GT6 Council Agenda 13/05/14

Post by BK_1975 on Tue May 13, 2014 10:54 pm

GT6 Council Agenda 13/05/14

1. 86GT Race AppealsĀ 

2. Sign up for 86 gt league has 15 racers per room , at what point to we split into three groups.

3. Monthly endurance ,do we carry on?

4. multi league/ any interest?/ have not spoke to gtdriver_druid in 2 weeks ??

5. mods needed , again more ideas this week but no one to step up and run anything.

6. Discuss what leagues may be of interest for future.

7. New website update and how will it benefit gt6.

8. GT6 fia group list to create and is muzza returning to user group.

sorry but can not attend 13th,20th meetings.

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