Fia Agenda 06/05/2014

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Fia Agenda 06/05/2014

Post by rob-lee77 on Tue May 06, 2014 9:28 am

No f1 appeals.Stewards appeals

GP2 Appeals:
Lap 1 (1:40) - Muzza and Joe. Somewhere around turns 4-5 the lotus and Redbull have contact and spin. However this is not caught properly in the video so will need to see Muzza's replay.

Lap 8 (14:00) - Joe and Stewy. Joe late brakes into turn 3, almost causing a collision with Stewy. On a number of occasions early into the race Joe was braking very late into this corner.

Lap 52 (1:30:00) Joe and Stewy. Turn 5-6. Joe has better grip and gets around Stewy at turn 5 but is a bit aggressive on the overtake into turn 6.

No GP3 Appeals

GP4 Appeals:
Qualy Deano:
Deano crashed his car in qualy and I heard him say "I crashed it on purpose"this will be looked into by FiA.

Legit Penguin:
Legit crashed out in qualy shortly after deano al though as steward I didn't see the incident,bobjim the moderator did and he was convinced legit penguin also crashed on purpose,when someone does crash you would usually get a reaction out of surprise that a driver crashed legit penguin had no reaction at all which suggested to me his destroyed veichle in qualy was no surprise to him,this will also be discussed by FiA.

Lost connection:
11min 53 part 4 my replay.After more than 50% of the race was completed more than half the field lost connection apparently then we were to discover that they had been transported to a separate lobby where on there screen it was us that lost connection,so the race was devided into 2 races running at the same time.No one could of forssen this event ever occurring,luckily for the other half silent aka took a quick picture of there race result.I want FiA to disscuss this,My recommendation is to try an establish the race order at the point of disconnection and award full race points to all drivers that completed the race distance.Im not in favour of half points as both sets of drivers completed the distance.Other ideas are to re run the race either at the end of the season or during the time they are due to switch to fortnightly,or finally to award both groups the points they finished the race in.

Silent aka vs legit penguin
To get a full picture refer back to part 15min 11:
silent aka makes the overtake and is ahead into the braking zone,legit brakes late overtaking him and going off track in the process,i deemed this illeagal and instructed him to give the place back which he does,now watch the replay through to 16mins and you will see legit destroy his car.I am suspicious that this crash may have been on purpose out of annoyance of me instructing him to let silent pass and then hanging his car on the curb causing him to run off.what I don't understand is there seems little attempt to scrub off his speed considering the amount of run off there and time he had to turn his car away from the wall.it made me think did he make the error on the curb momentarily thought about carrying on then thought no,i would like FiA to disscuss this.I have further evidence to add which I will doso shortly.

Further evidence:
13min part 4 my replay,you will see jeoren mount the curb very similar to how legit penguin did,you can clearly see how easy it is to avoid destroying a veichle,I know every incident is different but I think they are comparable.

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Re: Fia Agenda 06/05/2014

Post by brianjohnson43 (GP2 Mod) on Wed May 07, 2014 1:19 am

Daflukey as departed from GP2 as he does not enjoy the pro league anymore. Can we discus if he can go back to either GP3 or GP4 as recommended GP3 maybe a possability as GP3 need drivers...

Discuss GP2 car allocation:( changes we are looking at are)

brianjohnson43 & Dekkadent (Ferrari)

Rob-lee77 & Topman Taylor (mclaren)

Morge-_-97 (Sauber)

F1xStevo_87 (Mercedes)

muzza-_-3 & Joe22300 (lotus)

To talk about if we need  to suspend our championship for a couple of weeks while we find some new drivers...
brianjohnson43 (GP2 Mod)

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