GT Committee Agenda 22/04/14

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GT Committee Agenda 22/04/14

Post by BK_1975 on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:27 am

GT6 Council Agenda 22/04/14

1. Race Appeals for Touring cars & Subaru-brz's

2 Sign up for 86 gt league 

3. Monthly endurance event set for next month (bathurst rerun or not)

4. speak about GTDRIVER_Druid's  multi league

5.Delboy mod for sat or sun night league and what championship

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Re: GT Committee Agenda 22/04/14

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:08 am

• Appeals – none

• 86 GT league – will start the league on the 7th of May. On the 30th May we will run a test/practice evening for the Toyota's.

• Bathurst (3rd May) – will continue as planned. BK will host but Del will be reserve host.

• McLaren – Test event will happen on Sunday to determine rules and regs for the league. Will run at Silverstone. Will try and aim for a race distance of around 1 hour 15 mins +, with a maximum of around 3 pitstops.

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