GT Committee Agenda 08/04/14

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GT Committee Agenda 08/04/14

Post by BK_1975 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:17 pm

GT6 Council Agenda 08/04/14

1. Race Appeals for Touring cars & Subaru-brz's.

2. Subaru brz/ how did it go and how many members turned up?

3. GT4 SPEC (ish) RACING SERIES put foward by Flash_noddy/ Discuss.

4. Monthly endurance event/ who is race host? & discuss connection issues on saturday.

5. Sunday night Mclaren race car league/tracks & rules to discuss. 
6. Mods needed as soon as possible / GTDrivers_Druid & Flash_Noddy.

Sorry I have not been around all week to discuss any of above issues due to work nightmares.

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Re: GT Committee Agenda 08/04/14

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:38 am

GT Committee 08/04/2014 summary

1. Appeal upheld – please see BK’s summary in FIA decisions

2. BRZ’s. Will continue with the league this week and try and get more drivers involved.

3. GT4 spec, possibly looking at running on a Sunday for a few weeks.

4. Will have to postpone until next month, will also have a look at the car/track allocation if the current one is not working well.

5. McLarens will be postponed until the next cycle, as it needs proper planning.

6. BK to speak to Druid and Noddy about moderation.

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