Tonights Race

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Tonights Race

Post by Liammmmmmm xD on Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:38 am

Just a message to say I may not be able to attend tonight due to the fact im going out for dinner with the family for my sisters birthday.... Sorry Again!!! There is still a possibility ill be there but even uf im not there will be 2 people watching at least with a 3rd possibly in the pipeline.

Just a warning about overtakes, it is extremely difficult to overtake around here even on the main straight.... If you have DRS on the inside watch your breaking as the inside is so easy to get wrong ( ive experienced it ) Strategy will come into this so instead of going for a lunge pit a lap earlier as tyres play a big part aswell.

Finally id like to say the race is 78laps not just the first corner.... the fastest driver doesn't necessarily win round here but instead the most consistent.
If I dont make it I wish you all the best of luck.... if anything goes wrong I recommend staying off the site for a bit.

Good luck Smile

Liammmmmmm xD

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