Monaco GP Decisions & Penalties

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Monaco GP Decisions & Penalties

Post by Liammmmmmm xD on Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:29 am

Please post below....

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Re: Monaco GP Decisions & Penalties

Post by rob-lee77 on Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:09 am

mikey vs gamerguy222
1min 10sec on my replay gamerguy hits mikey resulting in a lost wing,due to a warning issued to gamerguy in a previous race im issueing gamerguy with a qualy ban in Canada.gamerguy must retire from qualy in Canada.I see you have wrote this was Monaco but this is more reason to show more caution.

3min 13secs part2
gamerguy braking dangerously late resulting in a blatant illeagal overtake,i feel gamerguy is way too aggressive this was an obvious illeagal overtake.im issueing gamerguy with a 1 race ban suspended for 3 races.any incident of any significance during the next 3 races will result in gamerguy being banned for a race.(Canada Silverstone & Germany)
stewards advice;show more caution and patience when overtaking being sure to leave room wait for a clear opportunity to pass a car.take time at the start of a race to get used to how your cars handling with heavy fuel.could you take a pic of an internet connection test on your ps3 just to give me a rough idea of your connection speeds,i would like to try and get an idea of why your car seems to behave so eratically on track.

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