F1 2013 TT Lightning Championship

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F1 2013 TT Lightning Championship

Post by rob-lee77 on Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:24 am

Ive decided to turn the time trial lightning leaderboards into a championship competition with the overall winner been crowned,f1 2013 TT Lightning champion.Anyone who is on my friends list and is in the top 10 will have there time posted on the site and points will be awarded in line with the current gp points system,25 points for first 18 for second and so on.

Instead of constructors you will represent the league you race in so all the points will be added up at the end to form league points also,so it becomes an inter league championship also.
I will not be including Monaco as this track can be manipulated in time trial by riding the barriers.
jerez and brands hatch will be included.

To give all drivers a chance to post there times the first 4 tracks will be re updated for the final time in 2 weeks.

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