Driver concerns (very important)

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Driver concerns (very important)

Post by rob-lee77 on Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:38 am

hi guys,i would just like to address a couple of issues that has been brought up in the appeal room,i would firstly like to answer race100thedaddy point about wheel users,everyone has the right to choose there preffered method of control on f1,setting up a pad league is impossible,it would be impossible to police,how could you ever be 100% certain who is using a pad or a wheel.
im sure all or most would agree with me that dubzzy is to be congratulated for his performance,and he has set a bench mark,we cant stop people from racing because they are fast,what we have to do is use dubzzy as a driving force to increase our own determination to be faster,dubzy may dominate,who knows?were running equal cars and someone has to win.whoever wins this championship will be promoted at the end of the season.At the end of the day everything is equal and dubzy uses a pad anyway so fairplay to him.But I don't think you will find a league in the world which only allows pad users because you simply cant enforce the rule.

in response to dylans concern over setups,every league on the site allows custom setups allowing each driver to personalise there car to suit there own driving style.you have raised the point Dylan and it will be discussed buddy.
im also willing to help as are others on the site with setups.

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