FiA Agenda 25-2-2014

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FiA Agenda 25-2-2014

Post by Dekkadent on Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:56 am

FIA Agenda 25/02/2014

Any matters as per mod/admins

(FINAL) car allocation in light of topman & daflukey complaint.


Appeals. (FiA members ,please view Robs replays)
Penalties if any.
Would be good to hear some feedback on how this week went.

GT6 Touring cars
Discussion on the start of the championship, any issues to consider.

GT6 Monthly race
We decided to do Le Mans 24 laps, but have not finalized anything else. We need to come   up with the rules and regs tonight so it can be announced on the site.

F1 and GP2 driver lineup and overall memberships. We are still lacking drivers in F1 and GP2. However there are a lot of new members on the site and there are more than can be accommodated in GP4. We need to determine if there are any new drivers that can be moved into these leagues to fill spaces, and to create more space in GP4 for new drivers.


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Re: FiA Agenda 25-2-2014

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:31 am

FIA Meeting Summary 25/02/2014

1. F1 Up to 10 full time drivers for now. Urban rage from GP4 to be a reserve

2. No appeals, Urban rage to reserve for GP2

3. GP2 Driver line up

• Ferrari – Brian & Porsche
• Mercedes – Adam
• Red Bull – Muzza & Bumble
• Lotus – Rob & Dekk
• McLaren –Topman & Daflukey

4. GP4 – Dubzzy.

Will need to review his internet connection for the next race. It was clear there was a synchronisation issue with him and the rest of the grid. It wasn’t a classic ‘lag’ issue as normal but if the issue continues we will need to review this.

5. GT6 - Touring Cars

Muzza to sort out the admin of the forums and will contact all members in the GT6 group to get them involved in the leagues. Will make no adjustments to the format of touring car league at the moment.

6. Le Mans 24.

The rules and regs for Le Mans will be. GT3 Cars (Muzza to provide lineup of cars) 600 PP, Dry race, Tyre wear on fast, no assists except ABS, Damage to be on light.

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