FIA Agenda 28/01/14

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FIA Agenda 28/01/14

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:06 am

FIA agenda 28/01/14

1. Allocation of new drivers to leagues
- Mikeyncfc (name already in red suggests GP3)
- P-Courty
- Mareepx
- Stevo13425
- NxT_xThUnDeR
- Aaron_D1990

2. Reorganization of existing leagues. Confirm driver lineups for each league, remove members who are not taking part, assign new members to leagues. We need to make a decision on GP2 based on the results of the reordered driver lineups. Ideally we do not want to lose GP2 if possible but it may be necessary. If GP2 is to go ahead, a post will need to be created informing drivers of the date of the rescheduled race which is penciled in for this Friday.

3. Re-shuffle of organizational structure of the website and leagues. We need to allocate duties for stewarding and moderating of leagues so that all positions are covered. Ideally we need to get as many people on board to share the workload and to ensure we have involvement and input from members from across all leagues.

4. GT6. We need to finalize details for the NASCAR GT6 event. The general idea is to run a 100 lap race, but all of the rules (tyre wear, fuel consumption, safety cars etc) need to be decided so they can be announced to the site). We can also discuss setting up a touring car league which is something me, Muzza, and Dizzy all seem interested in and could provide some very entertaining racing.

5. Recent incidents. I would like a quick discussion about the recent incidents and give an opportunity for anyone to comment if they would like to do so. I would like to move on from this so we can concentrate on the site and the leagues so I would like to draw a line under this tonight and move forward which I'm sure everybody else would like to do. I also would welcome comments and ideas on the site and things people would like to see in the future, weather that may be a league, or something on the website.

6. A.O.B. (there are no incidents to talk about this week due to the postponement of the GP2 race)

A reminder to FIA members, tonight’s meeting could be busy so if you could be around by 7:30 that would be great, but also as we have a lot to discuss I will chair the meeting and will invite everybody to give their opinion on each agenda point, this will give everyone an opportunity to talk without us getting off track or spending too long.

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Re: FIA Agenda 28/01/14

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:28 am

FIA meeting summary, 28/01/2014

1. New drivers have been messaged to ask what assists they use and what league (Gt or F1) they want to drive in so we can allocate them to a league.

- P-Courty will do Gran Turismo
- Mikeyncfc will be in GP3

2. Need to postpone this for a few days until we have a response from new drivers, however Rob, Dekk and Brian are confirmed as returning. The race at the moment will be scheduled for Friday at 7:30, however we would still like to add a few new drivers so if we do not have a final line up by Thursday we will postpone the race until Sunday 9th Feb and the calendar will have to be adjusted to accommodate.

3. Will keep the stewarding the same for now, with muzza looking after F1, Dave and Vern looking after GP2, and Muzza and Dave will look after GP3. Rob wil be available to backup steward. Rob will look after moderation of the F1 forum along with the GP2 forum, and Hamish will continue to mod the GP3 forum. Muzza will start to mod the GT6 forum.

4. GT6. We will run the NASCAR event on the 8th of Feb at 8pm with the following rules

- Circuit will be Daytona
- 100 laps
- Room will be open at 7pm for practice, with a 15 minute qualifying session starting at 19:40
- The race will start with a double file rolling start
- Boost set to off
- Penalty set to off
- Fuel and Tyre wear set to fast
- Assists: TC will be allowed only
- Weather will be set to dry
- Pit stops will be mandatory, with 2 stops minimum and more than one compound must be used.
- Damage on full (will force a pit stop if you have damage)
- Slipstream on Real
- Only 2013 NASCAR cars will be eligible to race
- Grip Reduction set to real

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