FIA Meeting - 21/01/2014

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FIA Meeting - 21/01/2014

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:35 am

FIA meeting 21/01/14

1. Race Stewards going forward – Muzza will take over stewarding of the F1 league, Vern and BigDave will continue to look after GP2, and Muzza will share GP3 duties with Big Dave and Vern.

2. Discussion on the structure of the leagues, maintaining the GP2 league. Need to ensure the continuation of the league by increasing the number of drivers, and the possibility of changing assist rules to facilitate drivers.

3. Decisions and penalties. Nothing for GP3, in F1 – Tomi to receive a warning for impeding in qualifying, we understand it was Monaco but please be aware of other cars when on an out lap in qualifying.

4. Announce GT6 league for Saturday the 8th of Feb (NASCAR). Need to discuss the assists next week, as well as the rules.

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