Racestation welcomes you

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Racestation welcomes you

Post by rob-lee77 on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:21 am

I would like to welcome all guests to the site,there are 3 different f1 leagues running at the moment but we have the option to create more in the future,also there are f1 classics and also a gt6 league we are currently putting together.
Once signed up we will help you find the league that bests suits you,if you have lots of friends that wish to join you we will create a league for you if needed.all races are stewarded and recorded and posted on the site,both stewards and fia are there to help ensure you have a good clean race as poor driving will be punished by warnings points deductions and in worst cases race bans,were trying to make it realistic but the key part is keeping the fun aspect there.so please register and we will see you on track.

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