FiA Agenda,02/12/13

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FiA Agenda,02/12/13

Post by rob-lee77 on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:57 pm

just to demonstrate ai behaviour
4min 30sec just started my hot lap
10min 10sec think there was another ai problem here sutil and dek
there is also footage on my main replay of myself being spun by perez early on.

1.discuss if AI should be removed from gp2 results and if we should include them in the future in any league.


3.Ask vern if he has made a twitter account,if not further disscuss if we should go and break his other arm for not doing so.

4.GP2 car allocations

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Re: FiA Agenda,02/12/13

Post by bigdave235 on Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:08 am

Hi Guys,

I will likely not be at the FIA meeting tonight as my living room needs a second coat of paint.

With regards to the AI, i think that the main problem was Rosberg having an unreal pace and sutil being a bandit. Not all of the AI was that bad, but if we were to keep it, we would have to test cars on a track before using it. I think another problem, is that code masters set the pace of the cars for each individual track so this problem may not occur on other tracks or be different.

On car allocations, after yesterdays race I videoed the race director you will be able to see the times from last night.

Finally, i have done the info for the classic F1 leagues and hopefully people will sign up, but we need to decide on a date for the GT5 endurance race.

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