FIA Meeting - 30/10/13

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FIA Meeting - 30/10/13

Post by bigdave235 on Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:46 am

FIA 30/10/13
Restart Procedure
• New procedure is to have a maximum of 2 restarts during qualifying. The first will be a full quail and 100% session. The second will be a one shot quail and 100% race with parc ferme off. There will still be no restarts once the lights go out.
• Penalty for drivers who intentionally quit a race. Sliding scale. 1st offence = warning, 2nd, 3rd.... = 5pts, 10pts, 15pts, 20pts, 25pts. Penalties’ will not apply to drivers who are absent and have posted a notice, or for drivers who are feeling unwell during a race (but please tell a steward if you are feeling unwell)
• Corner cutting penalties, 2 warnings followed by a sliding points scale from 1 point to 25 points (following the f1 points system).
• Discussion of promotion/relegation system later in the system
• 5 appeals limit rule, If an appeal is unsuccessful they will lose one right to appeal. If they are successful they will still keep the right to appeal. If a driver provides an un supported appeal (no evidence) they will lose one right to appeal.
• Look at drivers retiring in quail.
• Penalty tracker system to be implemented in driver standings tables.

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