Well Done GP3

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Well Done GP3

Post by rob-lee77 on Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:40 am

Last night I stewarded one of the most enjoyable and high quality of racing ive watched in a while,the race had all the ingreadients for a gr8 race,first of all I would like to thank all the drivers that attended the race.

I will start off with the start just to get the slight negatives out of the way,there were some contact at the start of the race,but I do believe everyone tried there best to deal with the tricky conditions and once the first few laps were done with the race really got going.

What really impressed me was the very high quality of driving on display,every driver did themselves and racestation proud.

Why was it a great race?
the leaders early on had a great 4 way battles showing lots of skill and respect on the track,and when the lead pack became 2 the lead 2 were together almost the entire race and they were so close and shown excellent racing skills.

We had one driverhave a shaky start and then made an error on tyre choice and was close to retirement as he fell so far back from the leaders but with determination and knowing he had pace round the track continued and after being a minute behind finished the race in 3rd not far off 2nd.

Now we move to the mid to rear of the field,they all showed gr8 skills and determination to finish and this impresses myself more than anything,brilliant.lots of respect to you guys.

Ive stated several times to some site members that although gp3 has struggled for drivers this season next season it could be a brilliant league to race in.

Our promise to all leagues next season is to ensure all leagues are as close to filled as we can keep them all season to ensure more races like this.A special thanks to the GP4 drivers who reserved which helped turned this race into a race to remember.

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