FIA agenda 24/06/2014

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FIA agenda 24/06/2014

Post by bigdave235 on Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:45 pm

Merged agenda for f1 and GT6 (if possible)

FIA agenda 24/06/2014

1. Appeals for F1

2. Interleague championship – any updates and think about a mod for the championship

3. GT6 open lobbies and upcoming leagues – update and discuss any details that need sorting. There is a lot happening with the LMP1 endurance so may even need to consider setting up a tiered league system for this. Also discus the sirocco and BRZ issue.

4. Site code of conduct – Over the last few weeks we have had issues with a number of member’s behaving inappropriately. Would be good to discuss a code of conduct for the site and for racing in lobbies so everyone will know what is and is not acceptable.

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