FIA 17/06/14

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FIA 17/06/14

Post by bigdave235 on Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:29 pm

FIA Merged Agenda 17/06/2014

There is a fair amount of business this week to go through, especially as we are nearing a critical phase with the implementation of a new website. Also there is a big footie match tonight which might be of interest to a few people, so it would be good if we could have a joint committee meeting tonight and hopefully we can get through the agenda fairly sharpish.

1. Apologies for last week’s meeting not happening (I did have a good moan at BT)

2. Appeals
• F1 – No known appeals
• GT6 – No known appeals however we need to have a quick discussion on the issue of driver retention/participation.

3. Future of the site and our leagues
• Discuss and decide on an F1 league to run over the summer.
• Review the success of our 2013 leagues and identify the main issues and what needs to be considered for the 2014 season. Driver retention is the main issue. We also need to seriously consider effectively placing new signups into leagues as we have not managed to place a lot of signups to the site into leagues. We have to do better here next season if we are to have growth of our leagues.
• GT6 leagues structure. We need to have a proper league structure in place ready for the new site. We need the blueprints for these leagues, and I would like a 6 month plan in place to start in August so members of the league are informed what events are coming etc.
• New Website – Discuss the timescales for the new website and migration from racestationoffice.com to racestation.net. Will also discuss the new functionalities of the new site. Changes to the functionality of the new site will mean roles will change as the operation of the new site will be different to the current one, however nothing is finalised and can be discussed. I would also like to talk about role responsibility and what we need from everybody to ensure smooth running of leagues in future.

4. Racing licence – details of the racing licence system need to be finalized tonight if possible

5. Any other business

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Re: FIA 17/06/14

Post by bigdave235 on Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:11 pm

FIA meeting 17/06/14

1. Apologies for last week’s meeting (my bad)

2. Appeals, none submitted this week.

3. Future of RaceStation Leagues

• F1 Summer league. We agreed to set up a summer league to cover the period before the new game. It will consist of drivers from all leagues, mixed together into groups which will be randomly selected. To make it as simple and easy as possible it will run 50% race distances with equal cars and all assists will be allowed (except auto braking). Races to run on a Sunday, we won’t be stewarding the races, but will allow appeals with video evidence. The track list is;
     o Brands Hatch
     o Malaysia
     o Spain
     o Germany
     o Canada
     o Silverstone
     o Spa
     o Monza
     o Suzuka
     o Brazil

• F1 2014. We had a brief discussion over the future of F1 leagues and how they need to be improved to ensure we maintain driver retention, but didn’t get any concrete ideas over what we need to do.

• GT6. Gran Turismo Racing is going to be more formalized into an annual racing cycle, split into 2 halves. Championships and cups are going to be spread over the 6 month period and then repeated over the next 6 months. Proposed leagues will be

     o GT3 Endurance. To run over 12 races, every 2 weeks so it is spread over the 6 month period. Race day       likely to be mid-week
     o Touring Car League. To run over 12 races, every 2 weeks. It will run on the same day as the GT3 league, but on the alternate week.
     o Nascar Cup’s. To run weekly every Saturday night. Each cup will consist of 8 races, and three cups will be on offer over the 6 months with an overall champion elected at the end of the 6 months.
     o One make cups. 3 cups each of 8 races will be on offer over 6 months. Each cup will feature one type of car being used with no setups being allowed. Each cup will consist of a different car, the first cup will be contested with Caterham 7’s. This is likely to run on a weekday.
     o LMP Endurance. This will be our monthly championship running on the first Saturday evening of every month, and will be a real test of a driver. It will also be a multiple class race with LMP and another class of car allowed to enter.  
     o GT500. If we have demand and as the league grows we could also consider a GT class league.
The last races that are to occur on the old site are at the beginning of August. The new cycle of F1 and GT6 will start as soon as everything has finished, and will coincide with migration to the new website and will use new systems, such as the license system.

4. Racing licenses: Was not discussed last night but needs to be finalized within the next 2 to 3 weeks

5. Any other business

• GT6 Restart procedure/room host guidelines. The new guidelines are as follows
     o There will be one restart permitted per race due to a driver loosing connection. If this happens during a   qualification, the qualification will be restarted. If it happens between qualification and the race, only the race will be restarted. The room should be set to ‘practice/race’ then all cars should go to track during a practice and line up in qualification order so they will start in the correct place on the grid. If someone disconnects after a race has started, no restart will occur.
     o If this happens, the host must wait 10 minutes before restarting to allow members to complete a router reset and rejoin the room. If a driver does not make it within the 10 minutes unfortunately they will not be able to race.
    o A new room must be created by the race host 15 minutes before the agreed start time of the race to remove any possibility of   conflicts that may be present in a room which has been open a long time.
    o If a particular host displays connection problems or conflicts with other members on a consecutive basis, a new host should be found for that particular league.

• F1 calendar changes. Due to the world cup and the 4th of July we have had to reschedule a few races. They are as follows;
    o 4th of July, GP4 will be postponed
    o 13th July, GP2 to be moved forward by a few hours so it does not clash with the world cup final. Drivers to be consulted on this before being finalized.
    o GP2 on the 29th of June will be postponed.

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