GT6 Council Agenda 03/06/14

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GT6 Council Agenda 03/06/14

Post by BK_1975 on Fri May 30, 2014 2:17 am

GT6 Council Agenda 03/06/14 

1.86gt appeals/ Teix7 vs Anthony, Vernon vs Anthony

2.gt3 league , start date and full rules and regs 

3.Teix7 to run a tuning prohibited touring car league of 10 races/ need full rules and regs.

4. Del's Saturday NASCAR cup, tracks x4 , race laps 27 laps x2 races , intrest , rule changes if any.

5. After SUBRU BRZ what cars should we run.

6. 86gt league car change and should we add another group.

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Re: GT6 Council Agenda 03/06/14

Post by Reddweasel on Fri May 30, 2014 6:56 pm

Hi BK,

4. I'm in as you know, later the better for me i.e. a midnight run if thats ok!

5. As I've already expressed I like the idea of 3 tiers as I feel this gt6 league continues to grow in numbers. So those who have just taken part in the last 4 events but not in the top 6 of either group go into tier 2 and new joiners from here on in will take up the last remaing tier  2 spots before being allocated places in the 86 cars (or other) in tier 3. With regular promotion/demotions a quick driver will soon find himself promoted up through the leagues and vice versa.
I would also like to see a different car for tier 2 either something like the Mazda you showed me or what about the Meganes we were originally going to run end of last year, these are quite quick and are fun to drive, nor too expensive.

Hope this helps,


P.S. Just thought what about the Firebirds, you know I love these cars! Maybe they would be an option for one of the tiers! Go on say yes!

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