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Post by stewy on Fri May 23, 2014 11:48 pm

i would just like to take a minute and thank Vern for the most respectful thing anyone has ever done on f1 to me .... we were in classics and i was saying to Vern and others i have had no problem with wheel since last time we raced ... any way qualy fine no problems and the begging of race no problems i was happily fighting for first until the unfortunate happened .. 12 laps i think it was remained and all of sudden BOOM my wheel would not turn .. so i unplugged it and put back in then i could turn but no other buttons worked unplugged it again and everything work but my brake and accelerator was stuck in together so i was doing 8 mph lmao ..... any way after all this Vern actually felt sorry for me and waited on the line to let me have 2nd  even at the line my wheel was broke and i hit Vern .. but anyway because of this i would like to thank Vernon ator very very much .... i love guy's like this and i will defo repay the favour when i see a opportunity to in the future .. but thank you Vern bud that was a very sweet act for me mate thank you so much


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