FiA Agenda 20/05/14

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FiA Agenda 20/05/14

Post by rob-lee77 on Fri May 16, 2014 5:35 am

F1 2014 season License:
below ive put together some ideas for how the license system will work.
The license system is to be introduced for the following reasons:

To put an end to the endless warnings that seem to be handed out,one warning will be issued and that is for drivers to read and understand why and what sort of penalties they can expect in the future.

Drivers will have easy access to view ther updated license so there always aware of what penalty points they have on it.

Assists stewards and FiA as they can refer to a penalty tariff we layout to help them enforce approapriate and consistent penalties.

Drivers will be held more accountable for there driving standards in there own leagues and while they are reserving in higher leagues.

Penalty thresholds:
The licence will be based on a 12 point system and there will be four thresholds where when certain points are accumulated on the license different penalties will be enforced,here are some suggestions ive put together.

3 points accumulated on license=Qualy ban for next race

6 points accumulated on license=6 points deducted from the driver and there constructor.

9 points accumulated on license=6 points deducted from the driver and there constructor and a qualy ban for the next race.

12 points accumulated on license=instant 1 race ban possibly with a further 1 race suspended ban on top so when the driver returns to racing after the ban he must complete a clean race before his points are reset to 0.

(these are ideas remember and open too discussion and changes)

Points Tarriff system and offences:
Before I star all offences can be elevated to 5 or 6 points on a license if cars lose wings as a result or destroyed.

1.desroying your own car intentionally carries 0 points on license but an instant 2 race ban.

2;Cutting corners in qualy=1 or 2 points on license plus a 20sec time pen added on to overall race time.

3.Blocking in qualy=1 point on license.

4.Unsafe track returns=1-6 points. 1 or 2 points if drivers have to take evasive action.
3 or 4 points if a collision is caused.
5 points if a driver suffers significant car damage like a puncture or lost wing.
6 points if it causes a car to be destroyes.

5.Weaving on track dangerously=1 or 2 points on license.Again points elevated if resulting in a crash as mentioned above.refer to point 4.

6.cutting pit entries or exits=1 points per offence.Clear guidelines must be set for each race so drivers understand what constitutes an illeagel entry or exit.

7.Failing to give a place back if a driver hits another off=1 or 2 points on license plus a 20sec time penalty added on to overall race time.

8.excessive corner cutting=2-4 points on license.Or 2-4 points and a 20sec time penalty on race time..

Reserve drivers:
Reserve drivers are to be made fully aware that penaly points can be put on the license and penalties carried across to there own league.Or do we need to come up with a different Tarriff where it just leads to straight out points deductions,that can be discussed if needed.

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Re: FiA Agenda 20/05/14

Post by bigdave235 on Tue May 20, 2014 8:23 pm

FIA Agenda 20.05.2014

1. Appeals for GP2, and GP4

2. GP4 Stewarding issues. For a number of weeks there has been issues with stewarding of GP4 which initially were not raised to the FIA. I would like to resolve these tonight.

3. Discussion of penalty/driver licence system (see Robs post above).

4. Classics forum. Update on forum structure to make sure everyone knows how to keep it updated properly.

5. AOB

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Re: FiA Agenda 20/05/14

Post by Liammmmmmm xD on Wed May 21, 2014 5:20 am

Media Lounge: On the other site and a good idea that id like to bring here and run. Would include.....
- Interviews
- Statistics
- Track Guides
- Could Bring the blogs back??
- Any Other Ideas?

Will take some work but it is on my street as it's what I do. Could give people the chance that want roles to show us what they csn do if they want to help out. Its something I would really like to get my teeth into though

Liammmmmmm xD

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Re: FiA Agenda 20/05/14

Post by bigdave235 on Wed May 21, 2014 10:08 pm

F1 FIA Summary, 20/05/14

1. GP2 Appeals

• Lap 2. Stevo’s 10 second penalty to be removed as muzza had left the track when he was overtaken under the safety car.

• Lap 5. Muzza’s is at fault for causing a collision, but does let Morge back through. However as he has received previous warnings he is to receive a time penalty for the inconvenience caused to Morge. (Effectively, the penalty applied in the game will not be removed)

• Lap 7. Morge to receive a warning for the collision with Muzza

• Lap 8. Rob and Dekk incident. No further action
• Lap 33. Muzza and Stevo incident. This was deemed as a racing incident, no further action.

2. GP4Appeals.

• Due to lack of time, these are to be investigated and ruled upon before Friday’s race.

3. Driver license system

A good start was made, and thanks to Rob for spending time working on the proposal. We will need to spend the next few weeks refining it so we are confident it will be robust and as fair as possible, however a summary the main points were

• Should constructors points be deducted or only points from a driver?

• Should drivers be given the opportunity to have points removed from their license if they show an improvement in their driving?

• What is the correct threshold for applying penalties? (i.e. should it be at 3, 6, 9, 12 points or should it be 4, 8, 12 points)

• Are the points given for incidents described appropriate or are they too high?
We do not intend for the license system to be implemented until the new season of F1 so there is a lot of time to work on the system, but it will require the input and opinion of all members so please do look closely at the points above.

4. Bob’s media pen

This was discussed last night and in principle it is a good idea but still requires discussion at admin level, especially considering plans for the blog system on the new site.

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Re: FiA Agenda 20/05/14

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