FiA Agenda,Wed 23rd oct

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FiA Agenda,Wed 23rd oct

Post by rob-lee77 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:09 am

1.Go through driver line ups

2.Discuss results of any test races

3.Any probs with the game

4.What rules shall we run?

5.Who will be our GP2 steward

6.Ideas for site improvement

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Re: FiA Agenda,Wed 23rd oct

Post by bigdave235 on Thu Oct 24, 2013 10:20 am

Brief Summary of FIA meeting, 23/10/13

• Silverstone pit entry needs consideration as there is potential to gain an unfair advantage
• Agreement that leagues will run with reduced rules to avoid any unnecessary penalties in the game
• We need to test the weather system in the game to see if we can run Dynamic at all races or if we should continue as before
• Need to finalise driver line up’s, especially for GP3 and GP4. Raikkonen44 to be invited to the GP2 league
• Agreement that if drivers are absent, they will be replaced by an AI driver. For F1 they will be Legend, for GP2 they will be PRO. Will need to consider what we do for GP3 and GP4 and can review if needed
• Discussed the possibility of introducing some sort of penalty for drivers that quit a race through lack of effort. Need to finalise the type of penalty but possibly some sort of points based penalty
• Rob to try and get the remaining drivers from the old site onto the new so we make sure we have enough drivers to fill leagues.
• Discussed more robust corner cutting rules with only 2 wheels being permitted of track at any time. Also talked about a sliding points penalty system as opposed to outright bans.
• GP2 will be stewarded by BK, Vern and Dave on a rotating basis.
• Rob to record data from GP2 Test 2 (could you make sure everyone’s in the right car too mate?)
• For GP2 race in Australia, F1 will be testing therefore if no one will be available, BK to possibly miss the test to steward Australia.

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